Technophobia to Technophilia in Spike Jonze: Her (2013)

His father, Arthur H. His mother, Sandra L. Granzow, is a writer, communications consultant in developing countries, and artist. Clean” Spiegel , is a producer and DJ. His father was from a German Jewish family, while his mother has German, Scottish, and English ancestry. His following video project was Video Days, a promotional video for Blind Skateboards which was released in and is widely considered the most influential skateboarding video of all time, [18] partly due to Jonze’s development of a video template which has been followed by almost every skateboarding film since. It jumps around a lot, but does not provide anything close to an organized narrative of his working career.. Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page. The Movie , also directing some of the segments.

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While the concept of the film offered a unique look into the future of human relationships , with a man falling in love with his operating system, the plot was not the only revolutionary aspect of the film. In an Oscar nominated effort, the films soundtrack brings an indie sound a blend of indie rock and electronic genres that has never before been heard in a commercially successful blockbuster, and paves the path for a new future of soundtracks in Hollywood.

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Jonze was born on October 22, in Rockville, Maryland, and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and in Gulph Mills, father, Arthur H. Spiegel III, was a distant relation of the Spiegel catalog family, and founded APM Management Consultants. His mother, Sandra L. Granzow, is a writer, communications consultant in developing countries, and artist.

In this modern world consumed with technology and the connectivity of the internet, how do we still find love? How do we still find genuine, real love in a world of online dating, pornography, cell phones and YouTube? The closing film of the 51st New York Film Festival is Spike Jonze’s latest brilliant creation titled Her, set in the near future, a meditation on the values of love and how one bubbly, charming man learns how to love again with the help of his operating system.

I had a feeling I might fall hard for this movie, and I totally did. I am so in love with it that I went to see it twice in the same day at the New York Film Festival, just to confirm that it’s as wonderful as I believe it truly is. This entirely original story is the creation of Spike Jonze director of the films Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are and it explores the depths, and the complexities, of modern love and human emotions in ways we’ve never seen any filmmaker attempt before.

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Her is a movie full of twists and turns that leave the mind open to a range of infinite possibilities. There is a theme of identity throughout the entire film. Throughout Her, there are parallel scenes that dismantle one another. In these binary oppositions, the film deconstructs itself. Her examines the contradictory emotions of the protagonist, Theodore, illustrates female subordination through the use of Samantha, and analyzes the intimate relationship between technology and humans.

— 1 creative mastermind of a director (Spike Jonze, aka the man behind movies like Being John Malkovich and Her) A tradition dating back to , the Dance Magazine Awards celebrate the living legends who have made a lasting impact on dance. Dance History. Courtney Escoyne. Nov. 01, PM EST. #tbt: José Greco’s Surprisingly.

Young Spike Jones kept up a frenetic pace in the late s as a freelance studio musician for motion pictures, records, and radio shows. The busy young drummer commuted to Hollywood studios in a station wagon that was a veritable junkyard on wheels. But he had little opportunity to employ cowbells, sirens, and automobile horns in his work at the time. He felt so frustrated he decided to form his own band “where I could make as much noise as I wanted,” he once claimed.

Delmar Porter , who sang with the Foursome — a vocal and ocarina quartet Jones had backed on Decca Records — was Jones ‘ partner in musical mayhem from the outset. Porter led a six-piece group called the Feather Merchants, which was managed by Jones before it gradually evolved into the City Slickers. Few musicians took Jones and Porter seriously when they started the band.

It was no more than a spare time proposition, and many of them — who had steady work in radio — departed after a rehearsal or two. The precise evolution of the band, which consisted of various studio musicians of Spike ‘s and Del’ s acquaintance, is unclear. Adding to the puzzle is the existence of a concurrent Jones band which made experimental “penny records” for the short-lived Cinematone Corporation. Jones was not officially the leader of the City Slickers — nor had the group yet adopted the name — when they entered Victor studios for the first time in Within a year of their first Victor session, most of the sidemen involved — including Botkin , Jackson, Wrightsman , and bassist Hank Stern — departed for greener pastures.

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By Published November 24, At Interview magazine, we occasionally stage interviews in front of a live audience. We would like to thank director Spike Jonze and musician Thurston Moore for participating, as well as the audience members who showed up to partake. I challenge you to a question-off.

Jan 15,  · Spike Jonze movie ‘Her’ shows us a film about a man in love with his computer, but it’s really the best look we’ve ever had at the Singularity.

By Adario Strange Top 10 Movies for the Modern Tech Geek Popularized by science fiction author Vernor Vinge as well as inventor and now Google director of engineering Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity is a theoretical point in future history when artificial intelligences exceed the power of the human mind, become self-aware and dramatically change the balance of power on the planet while simultaneously transforming the very nature of humanity itself.

But perhaps the earliest cinematic conflict applying sentient qualities to an mechanized construct is a film that celebrated its year anniversary on Friday: The film tells the tale of a scientist who transforms a metallic robot into a flawless copy of a kidnapped woman named Maria. The Matrix, on the other hand, was released during the mainstream explosion of the Internet and all the uncertainty it fostered.

Like many human relationships, the end comes in tiny fits and spurts, ultimately leading to a full break up. But in Her, as Samantha deftly crafts its her?

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In Her, Spike Jonze’s contemplation of intimacy in an age of sophisticated artificial intelligence, the future doesn’t look as bleak as sci-fi viewers might expect. Joaquin Phoenix’s.

Lee grew up around music as the son of Bill Lee, a jazz composer and session musician. Lee once told Marlaine Glicksman of Film Comment that he sees filmmaking as like making music. Political messages can be blunter. Declarations of love can be sappier. The insistence of the beat and the sweep of the melody can sell an audience on a notion that might sound too naive in any other form. These have all just been gigs, by and large.

But what does that have to do with cinema? Lee is frequently defensive, but rarely unduly. If anything, his habit of reflexively pushing back against his accusers has been essential for reframing the debate around him and his work. How many cops got killed in those films? Back then, he was just living out the storyboard of his life. But post-Malcolm X, Lee becomes increasingly exasperated by the lack of recognition his casts and crews have gotten during awards season, and he laments the movies that were mismarketed or misunderstood.

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I could not reduce it to a sentence. On Saturday evening at the WGA Awards, the “Her” writer-director claimed the prize for original screenplay, and in doing so beat out the same nominees he will contend with at this year’s Academy Awards. Jonze’s sci-fi romantic dramedy follows a lonely writer Joaquin Phoenix who falls in love with the disembodied voice of his computer operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. One of the biggest questions, at least from a filmmaking standpoint:

Scenes From the Suburbs is a half-hour short film directed by Spike Jonze and based on Arcade Fire’s Grammy-winning album, The Suburbs. The dystopian flick follows a group of high school kids.

The film, which will be released by Warner Bros. It was introduced by Jonze — who brought out Phoenix, Adams, Mara and Olivia Wilde who also plays a small part in it , but, appropriately enough, not Johansson who is in production on another film in London — and was greeted, upon its ending, with a lengthy ovation that audibly increased when the spotlight was shone on the aforementioned talent in a box above the rest of the audience.

As the spotlight faded out, Jonze a best director Oscar nominee 14 years ago for Being John Malkovich could be seen hugging Phoenix a best actor Oscar nominee last year for The Master ; both men clearly invested a lot of heart and soul into his performance. In the theater, there had been snickers at some aspects of the film, which asks audiences to believe that an operating system might one day be developed to not only know and converse with its user but also to love and be loved by him or her.

But there was also a sense that perhaps such a way of life is not that far into the future, since one can’t walk up or down a New York city block today without seeing people with their heads buried into their phones. Already, we live in a world in which we are more technologically connected with each other than ever before, but also less comfortable having real-world interactions with one another than we have been in a long time.

Perhaps the logical next step is to take our relationships with our smartphones to the next level?! In terms of awards, I imagine that this film will meet a fate somewhat similar to that of another recent out-there love story that depended upon a strange screenplay and brave and sensitive lead performance: Craig Gillespie’s Lars and the Real Girl , in which a man falls in love with a blow-up doll that he bought online.

And I think the same sort of thing is possible for Her, although recognition for Phoenix may be slightly harder because this year’s best actor field is as competitive as it has ever been.

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