I quietly walked out the door knowing the boys were still asleep. I walked into the kitchen and saw Drake eating a bowl of lucky charms, I walked in and it did get awkward I sat at the table across from Drake and we glanced at eachother until finally Drake said” Um Megan I think we need to talk”. I looked up at him and said” About what”? I knew I started to blush then I said” Ok I said” Um I don’t know you kissed me, the question is did you feel something”? He looked at me and said” Yea I did kiss you, but you kissed me back, and I don’t know if I felt something”.

Charlotte DiLaurentis

It has been transplanted into other situations, such as Minecraft, Kirby, Star Wars and other franchises. Megan can be this on a bad day. Not only is she, as Josh puts it, a “demon”, but Miranda Cosgrove can pull off an excellent Slasher Smile.

You read that right — Drake is a die-hard Harry Potter fan. He loves the franchise so much, he’s been searching the globe for four years for the first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s.

Professor Ludwig Von Drake here. Certified scientist, and all-around expert on brilliant things! The paternal uncle of Donald Duck [3] , he is portrayed as a brilliant, yet eccentric lecturer, scientist, and psychiatrist, who frequently displays his vast array of “expert” knowledge on a variety of subjects. Ludwig debuted as a presenter in An Adventure in Color , part of the first episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on September 24 , , making him the first Disney animated character created specifically for television.

Contents [ show ] Background Von Drake comes from Vienna, Austria, and has a fascination with knowledge. In Ludwig’s second animated appearance, ” The Hunting Instinct “, Walt Disney says that Ludwig has obtained degrees from such universities as Oxford, Cambridge, and Heidelberg, and, in one of his comic strip appearances, Ludwig himself claims that he has obtained “about 98 degrees” in total. He is often shown as having little social competence, however, and is often portrayed as being very forgetful, sometimes even somewhat senile.

During many of his classic lectures, Ludwig would often get sidetracked rather quickly, with the end results being comical shenanigans. Regardless, he is normally portrayed as extremely intelligent and more than likely to know nearly everything about a certain topic—ranging from science to music.


It’s called a blouse. As antagonistic as she could be to Drake and Josh, Megan’s multiple Pet the Dog moments show she actually cares about her brothers, such as when she saves them from counterfeiters, won’t let anyone else hurt them , and kisses them when they defend her from her cheating boyfriend. And it works the other way around too.

Jul 20,  · Best Answer: No he’s not gay, he’s dating one of the previous miss teen usa winners. Definitely NOT!!!!! The producers/directors of Drake and Josh would not have made him make out with girls in every episode it that was true. I mean in the shows it looked like he was really into it. Plus didn’t he and Vanessa Hudgens have a thing a while Status: Resolved.

Justin decided to take revenge on Drake for his mean tweets [WENN] But some spats just make everyone involved look a bit cringey, and we reckon the Justin Bieber v Drake Bell war files under that category pretty neatly. Bell, the star of Drake and Josh, has even more of a vendetta against the Biebs than the average person, and regularly blasts the pop brat via Twitter, interview and any other outlet he can access. And up until now, Justin has actually managed to take the high road, even tweeting that Drake and Josh was his favourite show as a kid.

But the Boyfriend singer has now fully engaged himself in the battle, and took it upon himself to mess up Drake’s album release party. Drake, 27, had planned a bash to celebrate the release of his third album, Ready Steady Go! Now, we’re no experts in the music industry, but when there’s more people outside your party screaming at a teen idol than there is inside, that’s a bit of a problem. Justin shared a video of himself waving sheepishly at his fans, innocently claiming he was just visiting the Beliebers.

But the singer reportedly uploaded — then swiftly deleted — a pic mocking Drake, making it clear that he knew exactly who was in The Grove. The cheeky picture read: But don’t think that Drake was taking all this pre-teen squabbling lying down. The singer — who, let’s face it, is old enough to know better — tweeted: Thank you for coming to my party! I didn’t know you were downstairs sorry they didn’t let you in!!!

Greatest Drake & Josh Episodes

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Elliott Rollins , following her reveal as “A”. She was later released after a court hearing where the Liars testified. However, during the same night, she was murdered by an unknown assailant , causing the birth of Uber A who believes the Liars had something to do with it, wanting to avenge her death. It was later unveiled in ” Farewell, My Lovely ” that she was killed by Mona Vanderwaal in self-defense following a brawl in the bell tower. She faked getting well again and was planning to restart the game, to which Mona stopped her.

She was born to Mary Drake , a patient at Radley Sanitarium , and her ex-boyfriend, Ted Wilson , who was unaware that Mary was pregnant. One day, her mother was playing in the garden with Jason and Alison was crying in her crib. She told Alison she would get help and tapped on the window for her mom to come help, but Jessica didn’t hear her because she was talking to a neighbor in the yard. Charles then took it upon herself to make Alison feel better. She told her she would run her a bath, as that always made Charles feel better.

Charles took baby Alison to the tub and dropped her in; however, Alison started to drown. DiLaurentis ran in and saw Alison in the tub and Charles, not knowing what to do, just standing next to it. Kenneth freaked out on Charles, as he thought Charles was trying to intentionally hurt Allison.

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Splash News Is Drake off the market?! Say it ain’t so! So instantly, this sighting sparks two big questions: Well, we couldn’t tell you why, but it’s OK. Your heart will mend, we promise.

Sep 03,  · Here are some afternoon headlines to feast your eyes on.. Actor Drake Bell is sentenced to 96 hours of jail time for a DUI charge.. Drake Bell is best known for his role on the Nickelodeon hit “Drake and Josh,” and also for his soulful voice.

It was so funny, I laughed so many times It has so many funny quotes! Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakitori has to be Drake’s best idea ever. It’s hilarious and it’s about the only one where Megan helps her brothers. I also found out that the movie is going to air again on Nickelodeon again this saturday night pmc how exciting! I love you drake bell! Even though Drake and Josh isn’t much of a good show, this episode is pretty cool.

V 9 Comments 6 Helen’s Surgery Helen’s surgery is my favorite because drake is so funny in this one well josh is pretty funny to but I love the part where josh tells drake to stay with Helen but he goes home cause he forgot his swimsuit. That show was comedy GOLD. And I’m really sad that its not on anymore but that’s OK! This my favorite because of the plot and the part when Helen pulls off her bandages and sees that there are people in her hot tub and gets a little anxious at Josh but Josh says Drake did it because Drake did and then ends up happy.

I also like the part when drake put his mouth on the soda nozzle and squirts soda into his mouth. I Love this episode one of my favorite episode. I love when Drake, Helen, and Josh start dancing.

Drake (musician)

However, they are caught by the police, although they would not get arrested. Instead of grounding Drake and Josh, Walter and Audrey choose to have the boys go through a serious police program called the “Steered Straight” program in which children are shown what it is like to be arrested, jailed, booked and prosecuted. However, the plan eventually backfires when the officer who is driving them to the police station is interrupted by a criminal named Blaze, who hijacks the police car.

Drake and Josh convince Blaze to take them to their house, which the boys claim is somebody else’s house that they plan to rob.

Download Drake Bell Music Lyrics for Android. Best of songs Drake Bell you can listen mp3 music with lyrics. Download Now and Sing Together. List Songs and Lyrics in this Apps: I Know-Found a Way-Down We Fall Make high score and challenge your friends. Game Play: guess the right word from the given letters. • Simple and.

Share 93 shares Josh then responds by wrapping an affectionate arm around Drake’s shoulders and planting a kiss on the side of his forehead. The pair appeared to be visibly emotional, albeit happy to see each other following their public feud. In a video posted to Josh’s YouTube channel on Thursday, the Grandfathered actor filmed himself sneaking up on Drake backstage at the awards show Kiss it better: Josh then wraps an affectionate arm around Drake’s shoulders and plants a kiss on the side of his forehead Friends forever: The pair appeared to be visibly emotional, albeit happy to see each other following their public feud They were seen reuniting again later in the evening.

Having patched up their differences, Drake was later seen paying Josh a visit at his home in LA. They were seen reuniting again later in the evening. Having patched up their differences, Drake was later seen paying Josh a visit at his home in LA ‘This is about a friendship that needed just a little bit of TLC,’ Josh explains in the video.

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Schneider originally wanted to make a new TV series starring Miranda Cosgrove; the original idea was that she play a normal girl who, in a twist of fate, gets cast to star in her favorite TV show, Starstruck. In November , Schneider threw out his Starstruck script and wrote a new pilot called iCarly during December. The pilot was shot in January He was trying to think of a good title for the new series about kids who start their own web show.

In news that will surely delight Drake & Josh fans everywhere, the show’s stars, Drake Bell and Josh Peck, have officially ended their feud and are now brothers again, with Peck sharing a photo on Twitter Sunday of the pair embracing at the VMAs.

Drake Bell found his first love when he began dating to Amanda Bynes but both of these two broke their relationship. Right after this split up, he had a strong affiliation for Fefe Dobson but all of a sudden the couple got separated. It is also rumored that while dating to Fefe he was also in a relationship Quinn Paul. All the relations of Bell were very short-term. After this, Bell had an affair with Melissa Lingafelt for long time period. The couple dated for around three years but they also part their ways in the end.

After this split up he stayed single. Janet Von Schmeling Then after a gap of two years, he commenced dating to Hofit Golan and also dated to Tess Taylor but soon these relations got ended. After this break up he linked in a serious relation with Paydin Lopachin that last for six year, their engagement also rumored at media. But again twist come in this story when camera caught him with new girlfriend Janet Von Schmeling.

It is reported that he is still unmarried and has no plans for future. At 5, his parents got separated. Thereafter, Robin remarried to another man.