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This page has been accessed times. Mary Harris Jones has Irish ancestors. My father, Richard Harris, came to America in , and as soon as he had become an American citizen he sent for his family. His work as a laborer with railway construction crews took him to Toronto, Canada. Here I was brought up but always as the child of an American citizen. Of that citizenship I have ever been proud. Mary Harris Jones was driven from her native Ireland by the potato famine when she was a teenager, then watched her husband and four children die during a yellow fever epidemic just after the Civil War. Her family left Ireland for the United States, then went to Canada. Jones, who was born in and died of yellow fever in Memphis, Tennessee on 13 Oct

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Mary E. M. Harris is Professor of Viola at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and member of the Oxford String Quartet at Miami. An in-demand performer, she is also principal violist of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra in Columbus, Ohio and violist of the Nexus String Quartet.

Biographical Note Mary Harris Jones, known as Mother Jones in the latter half of her life, was an American activist well known for her fiery rhetoric and dedication to labor and union rights. Jones was born in Cork, Ireland, probably , moved to Canada in the early s, and made her way to the United States in , where she lived and worked until her death on November 30, Why exactly Mother Jones became so dedicated to the cause of labor is hard to say, but some motivation can be inferred from her early life.

Before becoming a labor activist, Jones lived a relatively quiet life with her husband and four children in Memphis. In tragedy struck when the yellow fever epidemic came through Memphis and killed her entire family. George was honored posthumously by the local chapter of the International Iron Molders Union and soon after Mother Jones left for Chicago. In Chicago, Mother Jones worked as a dressmaker until tragedy struck again. On October 8, , the great Chicago fire burned down almost four square miles of the city leaving Mother Jones with nothing.

Much work would be required to rebuild Chicago, and with no more family or career to speak of, Jones began her involvement with labor activism. In her long fight for labor, Mother Jones travelled the country to help wherever and however she could, never settling for long.

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Aunt Dimity is dead. American Lori Shepherd grew up hearing her mother regale her with the adventures of “Aunt Dimity” in England. Lori believes the tales are entirely made up and cherishes them as pleasant childhood memories much as she cherishes her old stuffed rabbit Reginald. The condition is a request that Lori go to Dimity’s old home a honey-coloured stone cottage near the village of Finch, said to be in the Cotswolds , search through Dimity’s decades-long correspondence with Lori’s mother, and write an introduction to a soon-to-be-published collection of the “Aunt Dimity” stories.

Through the cache of letters, Lori finds out more about the life her mother lived in London during WWII when she became friends with Dimity during their wartime service. She recognizes many of her bedtime stories as retellings of true incidents in Dimity’s life. Lori also gets a blue leather-bound journal with blank pages, with which she finds she can communicate directly with Dimity. Lori speaks to the open diary, and Dimity’s half of their conversations appears on the pages in her old-fashioned copperplate handwriting.

After the initial investigation to satisfy the terms of the will, Dimity continues to be available to Lori via the blue journal, allowing Dimity to keep abreast of events in her village and in Lori’s life. On rare occasions, Dimity also speaks to other characters notably Bill Willis and Emma Harris through the journal. When it comes to detecting and problem-solving, Dimity mostly provides Lori with information from her lifetime of living in Finch, as well as advice ; information about “the other side” and its denizens is sometimes cryptic or otherwise incomplete, as if Dimity must abide by certain rules.

Most of the stories take place in Finch and its environs , but there are notable excursions to Cornwall, Northumberland, Scotland, Colorado and New Zealand. Fortunately, the journal and occasionally Reginald can easily fit into a suitcase or knapsack—and sometimes Dimity will help pack.

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A physician and single mother, Mary also operates a mercy-killing business on the side. She deeply believes people should be in control of their lives and their deaths. To Mary, that is liberty. Dying is not a crime. He also uses his shady connections to obtain the drugs they use to euthanize people.

In , Mary Harris married George E. Jones, a union organizer. Tragedy struck when Mary’s husband and four sons all died within one week of each other in the yellow fever epidemic of

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Mary Harris was born to Richard and Mary Harris. She came from a long line of social agitators. It was common in Ireland then to see British soldiers marching through the streets with the heads of Irish freedom fighters stuck on their bayonets. Her paternal grandfather was hanged by the British for being a freedom fighter.

Mary Harris has 1, books on Goodreads, and recently added The Long and Winding Road by T.J. Klune.

In her husband and their four children died of yellow fever during an epidemic. There was a fire in Chicago, in Harris Jones’ workshop was destroyed in that fire; she lost everything she had. She turned towards the Knights of Labor. The Knights of Labour was an association of workers who also accepted black people and women. From this point on, Harris Jones became active in the labour movement, fighting for better working conditions and better pay of the workers.

In , she was a founding member of Industrial Workers of the World , a trade union. She was an amazing speaker because she was able to use stories as examples in her speeches, and she could also make the audience participate. In , she got the title “Mother Jones”. She was 60 at the time. In , she was upset about the bad working conditions of children.

For this reason, she organised a march where children marched from Philadelphia to the home of President Roosevelt in New York. Jones was denounced on the floor of the U. Senate as the “grandmother of all agitators.

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Mary Harris left Memphis to start a new life as a dressmaker in Chicago, where she became active in the labor movement. By the early s, her reputation as a devoted labor leader was beginning to be established, and she had earned the moniker Mother Jones.

Mary Harris was at first an unlikely figure to march at the head of many Pennsylvania labor battles. She was born in into a tenant farming family in Ireland and was always very small in stature. When her family moved to America she aspired to become a school teacher, which she achieved in Tragic events soon afflicted Mary Harris Jones. In her husband and four children, all under the age of five, died in a yellow fever epidemic in Tennessee.

In an effort to remake herself, as many American women were forced to do in these hardscrabble years, Mary moved to Chicago to become a dressmaker, only to lose her home, dress shop, and savings in the Great Fire. In desperation, she joined the Knights of Labor and looked for support in its growing numbers of militant members. Mother Jones with miners’ children, circa Child workers on strike in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Within a few years, Mary adopted the name “Mother Jones,” given to her by grateful miners and factory workers in acknowledgement of her tireless organizing.

Mother Jones became a strike leader, too, especially in the heady days of the United Mine Workers’ efforts to organize and improve working conditions in many mid-western and eastern states.

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She later moved to Miami. Her father, George Styles, was finishing his studies at Meharry Medical College, and her mother, Margaret, had completed her degree in business administration at Tennessee State University. Four years later, she graduated 12th out a class of

See all neighbors on the Seeley Ave, Chicago, IL. show more. You’re Probably Looking For.

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Jones is best known for her struggles to win decent living and working conditions for the United Mine Workers, and her participation in the Haymarket Day demonstration for the eight-hour day movement in Chicago in His work as a laborer on the railway construction crews took him to Toronto, Canada, where Jones was reared. After receiving her teaching certificate in Toronto at age 20, Jones landed a position at a convent in Monroe, Michigan.

She taught there for eight months, after which she moved to Chicago, Illinois , where she became a dressmaker. Jones returned to teaching when she moved to Memphis , Tennessee, where she met and married her husband, George Jones, in During her short marriage, Jones learned about unions and the psychology of laborers, which she later imparted to the wives of laborers.


Northeast corner, 9th and Amity Sts. For thousands in the coal mining towns, she was an angel of hope. To the propertied middle classes, she was “the most dangerous woman in America. But the woman herself is hard to know.

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Join me on my travels through the small towns and ghost towns, museums and libraries of Texas, New Mexico and Colorado as I explore the history, legends, and tall tales of the American Southwest. Friday, April 12, Mother Jones: Mother Harris, more popularly known as Mother Jones cMay 1, November 30, was probably known by many names in her lifetime. She was loved and revered by the working class of America and hated by the corporate rulers who she dedicated a lifetime fighting against.

She had power, she had influence, and she had an inner strength that terrified the men she fought against. Her grandfather was hanged as an Irish freedom fighter and her family escaped to America in the s. Perhaps this is why I relate to her so well–my family also moved to America in the s and one of my ancestors was hung in Texas by a lynch mob because he was from the North. There is something about having a background of social injustice in your family that makes you want to fight for those who are less fortunate in this world.

The Harris family moved to Michigan where Jones was educated and trained as a teacher. This was one of the most important, character-building moments of her life. She adored her husband, but more than that, he respected her. He treated her as an equal, and taught her that everyone in America should be seen as an equal. In perhaps his most important educational lesson, George Jones taught Mary the importance of unions and the positive aspects of uniting workers.

Mary’s entire family became sick with the disease.

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