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Places To Visit In Guwahati

Situated on Brahmaputra River banks, Guwahati is a paradise for nature lovers. The majestic Himalayan ranges and the famous Brahmaputra River provide a stunning landscape and the rich cultural background of the place combine to provide you with a unique experience, which will remain in your memories forever. In this article, we are going to show you some unexplored places to visit in Guwahati. Umananda Island A small river island in the middle of Brahmaputra accessed by a ferry, Umananda is among the most scenic and romantic places in Guwahati.

Journey time in a direct flight from Kolkata to Guwahati is of less than 45 minutes, while to Dibrugarh the eastern most civil airport in Assam is of around 90 minutes. However, Delhi and Kolkata have higher frequency of flights to Guwahati. A Delhi-Guwahati direct flight takes 2: There is currently no direct flight from Guwahati to any international destination after cancellation of the Air India’s Guwahati- Bangkok flight few years back.

By rail[ edit ] Assam is also well connected through Rail Services to Indian cities. Guwahati railway station is the largest in Assam and is served by direct trains from most of the major cities in India. The Rajdhani Express fully airconditioned from New Delhi takes 27 hours and Saraighat Express from Howrah in Kolkata takes 17 hours are the fastest ones.

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The Samajam steadfastly stands for transparency and accountability in its functioning, which should, perforce, is the hallmarks of any progressive democratic set up. Every issue concerning the social and cultural aspirations of the members is handled with utmost solemnity, sensibility and imagination. The organization passionately strives for the welfare and well-being of the Guwahati Malayalees and has its focus on the huge benefits and opportunities of social coexistence they could derive from the existing social milieu – a linguistic minority.

It was born on Keralites started to coming to this region as far back from , if not earlier. As months and years rolled on, the number of Keralites started increasing. Keralites during those days used to celebrate Onam with traditional feast in true spirit irrespective of cast, creed or religion. Some of our past Presidents and Secretaries, who contributed immensely for the overall activities of the Samajam, viz.

P Korah, Shri V. GGKS has already completed 50 years and it ventured into many activities , like, class for teaching local language, organising publication of magazine, organising sports meet, Mahila Samitee for women folk, organising a Library consisting of Malayalam books, inter-state cultural activities etc. GGKS has been kept alive by the devoted service of its executive members and the untiring support and cooperation by our members and well wishers.

It is a matter of pride, we could successfully complete 50 years at Guwahati, though there was upheavals some time.

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One can experience an inter-mix of a getaway as well as big city life while in Guwahati. It is also the biggest city in the region and is one of the fastest developing cities of India. The city is blessed with lush green avenues and the overall calmness and serenity of the area is relished by tourists from all over the world. A number of waterfalls and the picturesque surroundings further add to the beauty of the city.

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Guwahati Nearest City to Guwahati: Guwahati Best Time to Visit Guwahati: October to March Peak Season: November to February State: Kamrup Metropolitian Guwahati Weather:

It surpasses all the other museums in India, as the biggest multipurpose museum displaying collections in a variety of sections, like archaeology, iconography, epigraphy and even numismatics. There is also an exhibit of the traditional weaving in Assam State Museum, along with other handicraft products, like locally-made cane and bamboo items, toys, pottery, etc. The library of the museum is situated upstairs and is the best place to go, if you want to get any information on the various items present therein.

Besides, age-old paintings and manuscripts are also present in the museum, giving the onlookers a gist of the rich culture and heredity of the state. Among the archaeological and ethnographic displays in Assam State Museum, the ones that are sure to grab your attention are the local costumes, and terracotta, stone and copper plate inscriptions, dating from the 5th century and 12th century.

The charges for video and photography are separate and prior permission is necessary.

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This lush, hilly part of northeast India bordering Bhutan is a magical landscape of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, rivers and tea estates. With an ethnic and cultural background that is noticeably different from the rest of India, and a civilization dating back some 5, years, Assam has a fascinating pedigree. The British used to escape to the hill stations of Assam during the hotter months to play golf and idle in clubs. Today, visitors to India who want to see a less familiar side of the country make the trek to experience the abundant nature and civilization.

Practical Information Guwahati is the main city in Assam, dating back to the 6th century. Cut in half by the Brahmaputra River, the city is the gateway to the hill stations and has direct air links to Kolkata and other Indian cities. Guwahati also has rail links to Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. The best time to visit is October to April when the days are sunny and the nights cool. Expect heavy monsoon rains from April to September.

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