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With such excellent books on M. If that is what you are after, then obtain ‘M. Once you have absorbed these, you are an ‘expert’. This book is a collection of information and stories I have collected over about 30 years, with obvious reference to MG history books. It is not a history book, even though the chapters and models are in order. It is an information book for an enthusiast by an enthusiast, who saw something somewhere about M. The political infighting, and hard commercialism of production and profits does not interest me, so I have deliberately avoided it. Within these pages is information and my views, about the engines that M. Other reference matter, some read a long time ago I might add, was ‘M.

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Lapel and Car Badges You can order using the button to the left or contact us by e mail, fax or post. The competitor was issued with a miniature version of the car rally plate and the lapel badge has the year bar for The plate is aluminium and measures 8 x 4 cms. The aluminium plate has the car number and the driver on it and the lapel badge has the year bars and on it. The plate measures 8 x 4 cms.

The lapel badge has the year bar for on it and the tag has the car number on it on both sides encased in plastic.

Japanese aircraft instruments are amongst the most uncommon of WW2 aero collectables. This example, a compass was fitted to at least 6 different types The items included all his medals and a photo and this ‘all purpose’ No7 bayonet that was Original Signed Goebbels Portrait by Hoffman. Large mm x mm approx. An original ink dedication and Goebbels’ signature run I ‘ Mills ‘ Hand Grenade. I Hand Grenade, known more colloquially as the ‘ Mills ‘.

Good example with traces of a lacquer finish over a rough cast finish. Middle East Commando Knife. Brass and steel knuckle knife that is generally associated with the Middle East Commando and was the inspiration for the design of their cap badge. Also known as the ‘ Trench Warfare Dept. Percussion Pattern, the No.

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World Military Collectables aims to provide a range of original, quality militaria items from the major combatant forces Drawing on the combined experience of over 50 years in the world of militaria, WMC will seek to present a regularly updated selection of items from the Victorian era to the Second World War. Predominantly featuring items from the First and Second World Wars , from medals , to uniforms, ephemera to aviation, all backed by a money back guarantee.

We attend many of the major militaria shows in the UK where we would be more than happy to acquire single items or collections similar to those on the site. Slip On Shoulder Title. A cloth embroidered slip on shoulder title for the British Expeditionary Force B.

Pants, shorts, Jackets, army boots, gear. Visit our new website for Army Surplus in Winnipeg. Email Welcome to our new website! Please visit our online shop button on the top bar and browse through our selection. We will strive to update the list weekly if not more often. For those of you not familiar with Marway Militaria Inc. We specialize in many areas, including Canadian militaria from Confederation right up to modern day, we carry British and German Militaria as well.

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A red lion and a red cross adorn the white sections. Have been worn GC. This pattern of pilot’s wings were worn on the flying suit.

The smaller cars were in a scale of 1: Because of the introduction of data processing, the British Dinky Toys range was reorganized in with a new numbering system — previously model numbers were commonly followed by letters and often sold in sets with several vehicles. Now each model had its own unique three digit catalogue number with no letters , and cars were now sold in individual boxes Smeed , p.

A number of Dinky models from the mid s. Featured prominently are a couple of no. The Dinky Toys ranges became more sophisticated throughout the s. Additionally, several models introduced were American cars, and even now still seem unique choices, such as a Packard convertible, a Plymouth Belvedere, a Cunningham, the and Studebakers and a Packard , a Chrysler New Yorker Convertible, a Rambler, and a late model Hudson Hornet.

Several colourful gift sets of sports and racing cars were offered in the mid s, usually five cars to a set. For example, Gift set no. Model appears to be stripped of paint. Production of agricultural machinery and implements had occurred since the s, such as the number 22e Fordson farm tractor, and such offerings were maintained post-war. One interesting model was the odd Opperman 3-wheeled Motocart , a tilting flat-bed vehicle with engine hanging off to the side of its large front wheel Rixon , pp.

61 BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) Badge

The Ultimate Resource for Militaria Here you will find over , items of militaria for sale on-line You have most likely reached this page from a search engine. The item you are searching for can be found on the Why not click on the Enter button below to see the other Dealers on MilitariaMart The following items can be found on the Military Chest website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. Card covers, 46 pages, copious black and white images.

A regular newsletter disseminated by the allies to German soldiers. Air-dropped leaflet, 20 x 26 cms, German text.

It was the exclusive automobile royal warrant holder as appointed by H. General Motors bought half of Saab Automobile in , with an option to acquire the entire company within a decade. The company had been established in for the express purpose of building aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. With World War II nearing its end, the company began looking for new markets in which to expand.

Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolaget — In , Project 92 began, with the goal of creating the first Saab passenger car. Five years later, the Saab 92 began production. The engine was upgraded from two to three cylinders but unusually remained a two stroke.

Extremely rare 1953 Coronation RAC car badge – Automobilia at Historics at Brooklands For Sale

The following items can be found on the The Quartermaster’s Store website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. These Beach groups were composed of specialist units of the Army, Navy, and R. The naval element was made up of R. Recovery Section and Pioneer Companies.

There are sonme similarities with building a modern kit car. Although the editors would suggest that building a special in the early post war period required skill and determination and particularly the ability to innovate and overcome shortages and dedicated facilities. The editors strongly recommend subscribers read the period special building manuals to full appreciate the effort involved.

The evidence that many specials started with the best of intentions were not completed. Many builders underestimated the complexity and skill they would require. Often too they proved more expensive than originally thought. To successfully build a special most of the following were required: Trials also provided publicity and we will note that some of the early one of specials entered production. The courses invariably consisted of a tightly defined route involving steep gradients, hills accents.

Descents, adverse cambers, slippery slime mud fording streams and rivers, protruding trees roots, rocks, tricky unpredictable surfaces , tight spaces, tortious bends with minimal turning space have to be tackled without stopping. The hill climbing aspect involved attacking a severe gradient. Marking and scoring were strict and points could be lost for infringements including knocking down markers or by leaving the course.

Dinky Toys

The smaller cars were in a scale of 1: Because of the introduction of data processing, the British Dinky Toys range was reorganized in with a new numbering system — previously model numbers were commonly followed by letters and often sold in sets with several vehicles. Now each model had its own unique three digit catalogue number with no letters , and cars were now sold in individual boxes Smeed , p.

I’m not at all sure how one could officially time such a category. It must depend on someone knowing that and when mph had been reached for the change from acceleration to braking. I’d imagine that that someone would have to be an independent observer watching a certified speedometer. There would be similar difficulties in defining the point when the deceleration had finished.

I know various Aston Martins were timed for that sort of thing but can’t recall if I read about it in Autosport or Motor Sport. If it was the latter an online search would get somewhere and if your car’s performance was reported at the time it would have been in one of those mags. If it was the RB Special it would be a relatively easy search of course. I’m not sure either. It was the RB Special and it came from the horses mouth in magazine interviews so I’m inclined to believe it.

Can’t recall where else I’ve seen it mentioned as I have so much documentation I’d need to spend an afternoon going through it all. Not that important in the grand scheme of things, just interesting. This article in Motorsport mentions in 15 seconds. The car is certainly much more accelerative than a standard E Type so it seems feasible.

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The Ultimate Resource for Militaria Here you will find over , items of militaria for sale on-line You have most likely reached this page from a search engine. Corps Grouped into Admin Batts. Complete with Screw Thread. Set at Approx 36 Inches Width: The 19th Princess of Wales’s Own Hussars.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The sense of dread when you walk up to your car and spot the little yellow plastic pouch glaring at you from your windscreen is a feeling we all hate.

Even just chancing it for a two-minute pop into the shop while parking on a double yellow line can be a risk – it’s as if by magic a warden pops out of thin air to slap a ticket on your window. But what if you catch them in the act? Can you ask them nicely not to fine you? Will they say yes if you do? Can you just jump in and drive off before they stick it on?

The RAC has issued some advice on how best to deal with a traffic warden and your rights if you encounter one. What is a traffic warden? Wardens are not police officers and are employed by the local council. Making sure parking regulations are being followed and issuing penalty charge notices PCNs, or fines when they are required.

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The most common AA badges still in circulation, and most likely to be fitted to a badge bar on a classic car, are the domed examples, which first came out in More information on the history of the AA can be found on the AA’s website. Many different styles of badges were produced over the years, depending on the era, the vehicle they were destined to be fitted to, and the country they would be dispatched to – South Africa, for example, had its own variation on the theme.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. I will admit to knowing nothing at all about this badge and do not know when it was made – however I will make an educated guess that it is a reproduction of an original as it does not appear to have much age. It is cast brass that has been plated and has an enamel centre with the initials SAC.

It has no number or makers mark on it. Condition is very good as can be seen from the photographs. The round part is approximately 3.

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