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Demi Lovato [6] as Sonny Munroe Sonny is a friendly, eccentric and well-intentioned teenage girl from Appleton , Wisconsin who lands a main role on her favorite comedy sketch television show, So Random! She is a rising star of the ensemble cast and works hard to be the best comedian she can be. Sonny often tries to solve the ongoing feud between the Mackenzie Falls and So Random! She was Chad’s girlfriend as of the episode “Falling for the Falls” until they split in “Sonny with a Choice”. As seen in further episodes, all of her co-stars are very fond of her. She does not appear in So Random! She originally feared Sonny was moving in on her spotlight and acted meanly towards the newcomer.

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Quote 1 I’m not gonna lie. I was doing things like drinking and using [drugs], like a lot of teens do to numb their pain. There’s nothing that I do that I feel ashamed of. No matter how many times we fight, we will always be in each others’ lives. Miley Cyrus and I are strong headed. When we fight it’s brutal and we’re like, “We’re never going to be friends again!

When: This romance was short lived. The two started dating in late , and by December, Demi had moved on.

Youtube The last time Demi Lovato made a documentary, she was high on cocaine. Now sober, she confesses to this at the start of the latest documentary about her: Simply Complicated, she says , is both an apology to her fans for not being forthright about her continued drug use in Stay Strong and, finally, an explanation. Seeking a way to fit in after years of bullying at school, a popular student advised Demi to start partying.

Drinking escalated to drugs, and Demi says she first tried cocaine at 17 around the time she was working for the Disney Channel. Her frequent co-stars, the Jonas Brothers Demi was dating Joe Jonas at the time , attempted to intervene. Demi reveals what sparked the assault for the first time in Simply Complicated: While touring Camp Rock 2 in Colombia, she says she arranged a hotel rager with her band and dancers where alcohol and marijuana were present, and during which she took Adderall.

The discovery prompted Demi to rush past her team on the plane and deck Welch. A cocktail of cocaine and Xanax one night nearly turned deadly: She was hospitalized for drugs and admitted to a psych ward. Her manager recalls her being hungover for the entire performance, in Her manager still has the destroyed phone, seen in the doc. She spent her first year of sobriety judging X Factor.

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The success of the film and its soundtrack resulted in a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Demi Lovato Religion Lovato is a professing Christian. Therefore, most probably she is very spiritual. Also, she has a tattoo on her hand of a Christian cross.

Sep 02,  · Concert Review: The Future is Now with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas On August 25th, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas brought their Future Now Tour to Rogers Arena in Vancouver. This package deal of a concert starring the two young pop singers’ promised to be a treat for joint fans of the dynamic duo, reviving nostalgia from their Camp Rock origins and showcasing their developed artistry in the .

Season 3, Episode 7 4. She Spent Time in a Psych Ward While in Palm Springs, Lovato’s specialist says the singer had to be hospitalized after locking herself in her bedroom and swallowing pills. The bottle of pills is there, she grabs the pills, she then downs all the other pills and says, ‘You f–king bitch! If I just tried to kill myself, why would you give me access to pills? Lovato was admitted to the hospital’s psychiatric ward, but refused to get clean.

I didn’t feel guilty. I didn’t feel embarrassed,” she says. Lovato continued to use drugs in secret, and even faked drug tests using other people’s urine. At her lowest, Lovato invited two “random people” to party in her hotel room and got “really, really drunk” with them before a flight in Lovato was hungover for the entire show.

But first, she smashed it on a plate and threw it in a vase of water. Her manager still has the destroyed device. I thought, ‘I have to have him,’ but I was only 17 and he was like, ‘Get away from me,"” the singer says. I think it was love at first sight.

Demi Lovato Disses Olivia Culpo To Nick Jonas, “I Didn’t Like Her Anyway”

By Katie Dupere This two-letter word, she says, had a life-changing impact: Demi Lovato now co-owns the rehab facility where she received treatment It’s a word she wasn’t used to hearing back in , when she first entered CAST Centers for treatment to address substance abuse, self-harm, bipolar disorder and disordered eating.

Wilmer, 38, and Demi split in following six years of dating but have remained close, and the former ‘That 70s Show’ star was recently reported to have put his .

The founder of Enfants Riches Deprimes, who opened up about his past drug use to Complex magazine in , was recently hit with a lawsuit from a former employee. According to documents obtained by Radar Online , Henry was accused of drug use, fraud, discrimination and failure to pay overtime wages among other things.

The plaintiff, Brendan Thompson, said he worked for Enfants Riches Deprimes in June as a financial planner until his termination in April During his time working at the company, he handled legal matters, which stemmed from Henry’s “repeated and persistent illegal and hostile behavior,” including his alleged “illegal drug use” and “racially charged remarks concerning employees and other third parties.

He also claimed he created a “unique 2-dimensional artwork” for the company, which was “then exploited by the company without accreditation or compensation. He claimed he was fired on April 23 after being accused of theft with no investigation.

Demi Lovato’s New Documentary Reveals the Severity of Her ‘Breaking Point’ With Addiction

Her career has been long and complicated — full of massive talent, hard work, tough times, and mind-blowing success. It sounds pretty chock-full, but Demi is just getting started. So when it comes to the future and the next stage of her career, Demi wants to lay it all out on the table — she wants to own her past and anticipate her future. She wants to offer a raw and honest depiction of mental illness, addiction, eating disorder, and more.

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August 20, Birth Location: Demetria Devonne Lovato Nickname: She is of Hispanic, Irish and Italian descent. She has two sisters: Dallas Lovato, who is also an actress and singer and is five years older than Demi; and Madison DeLaGarza her half-sister, who is ten years younger than Demi. Her mother, Dianna Hart, was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and country recording artist; her father, Patrick, moved to New Mexico after their marriage ended in He suffered some health problems and rarely sees Demi.

But, the father and daughter saw each other for the first time in four years with a surprise visit in February by Demi.

Demi Lovato’s New Boyfriend Guilherme Vasconcelos Is Joe Jonas Approved: ‘He’s a Good Guy’

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Like a lot of celebrities, Demi Lovato is kind of a controversial figure. Sure, she has done a lot of good for the world — she is a mental health advocate thanks to her own struggles, she is a feminist, and she has released a lot of really fun (and inspiring) pop songs.

YouTube More Child Stars: I’m learning how to be a voice and not a victim. I’ve learned that sex is natural, I’ve learned that love is necessary. Heartbreak is unavoidable and loneliness is brutal,” she said. This is my story. This is simply complicated. I was scared because my mom always told me your heart could just burst if you do it but I did it anyways and I loved it,” she said. Why She Punched Her Dancer in the Face The singer opened up about an infamous incident from her past where she assaulted one of her backup dancers.

I paid for all the alcohol, someone ended up getting weed, I was on Adderall and we had trashed the hotel,” she explained. And I think they told on me for using Adderall.

Demi Lovato Addresses Nick Jonas Romance Rumors